What is the Nashville Big Picture Business Network?

A 2006 report compiled through surveys of business leaders found that among those new hires with a recent college degree, ... [what most] lack, say employers, are basic skills such as reading comprehension, writing and math, as well as important applied skills such as work ethic and professionalism.

Business leaders also report that high school graduates are even less prepared for work than college graduates. The same skills needed to achieve in higher education, are also needed when working.

Nashville has a unique, innovative high school where the student attend class only three days a week! And as this high school completed its fourth year, its first graduating class accomplished a 100% graduation rate. Of the grads, all but four went on to advanced education. The four who did not, three went into the military and one went into business - with his mentor! Thus the secret of this amazing school ... the other two days a week, students they are working as interns in local businesses.

These students are demostrating the amazing successes that occur when a connection is made between education and the future work place. The school is Nashville Big Picture High School.

As a business person, I know that you are as excited as I am about a school that actually prepares students for business. The successes of this innovative approach need to be preserved for Nashville. The Nashville Big Picture Business Network has been established so that businesses can build a fortress around this school, ensuring its continued success.

Imagine a Network of 2000 Businesses supporting a School
that graduates Students ready for Business!

Become a part of the Nashville Big Picture Business Network!

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